Remember the good ol' days of hanging out with your friends at the corner candy store?

Remember sharing that vanilla malted or that root beer float with your sweetheart?

Remember when you sat at the counter and eagerly watched your banana split come to life right before your eyes?

Remember the taste of that delicious frothy chocolate egg cream or that cherry coke made fresh from the fountain?

Remember when penny candy actually cost a penny?

Take a step back in time at Cardy's Sugar Bowl where you can enjoy all these time-honored treats and so much more. From old-fashioned ice cream counter service to swedish fish to novelty items and everything in between, we've got the scoop on nostalgia, tradition and delicious treats.

Monday – Saturday..... 8am–8pm
Sunday... 12 noon (sometimes earlier)–6pm (sometimes later)

Thanks to our loyal customers
as we celebrate over 85 years in business.
Please come and celebrate with us!